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Jennifer M. Chiari

Jennifer M. ChiariPosition: Director
Educational Background: Felician University
Degree: B.A. in Child Development/Psychology
About: I have been in the field of education for over 20 years. I have taught in private schools and Montessori Schools and held positions as a Lead Kindergarten Teacher in both areas. In addition, I have also been the Director of Operations at a NJ Childcare Center for the past 7 years. I am extremely passionate about teaching and education. I enjoy working with my students, parents, and fellow teachers on a daily basis, in order to provide the best education possible for young children. I have been a happily married military wife for the past 9 years and my husband and I have a 6 year old little boy.

Marie E. Duvert

Marie E. DuvertPosition: English Teacher
Educational Background: New Jersey City University
Degree: M.S. in Early Childhood Education
About: I’ve taught as a lead teacher for the past 6 years in New York City and I am definitely passionate about teaching younger gernerations. I enjoy interacting with my students just as much as I do with their parents. As a child, I took violin and piano lessons and my love of musical instruments just grew from there on. I still play piano once in a while. I love museums and concert halls more than any other forms of entertainment. I’ve been married for 6 years and we have a son who will be turning two this November.

Geng Jing 耿 静

Geng Jing职位: 中文老师
毕业院校: 河南大学
专业: 幼儿园教育专业
简介: 我来自著名的中国古都洛阳,我撰写的十几篇教学论文,设计组织的观摩课多次获得市级,省级的一等奖。参与研究教研课题《中国优秀传统文化渗入幼儿园教研的实践与探索》和河南省省级教研课题《幼儿园文化建设的探索》,通过《蒙台梭利教师培训》的初级和中级培训,并取得教师资格。2012—2013 年又分别参加华东师范大学主持的“国培计划(2012)”教师培训,中国西南大学主持的“国培计划(2013)”骨干教师培训。我擅长绘画、舞蹈。善于沟通,具有团队精神,有毅力,不惧困难与失败。来到美国后,又在异国的土地上重续我的教育梦,我喜欢和孩子们一起游戏,细心照顾每一名孩子,在今后的日子,我将耐心的教育孩子,真诚的照顾他们的生活,为他们创造开心快乐,安全的童年生活!

Li Wen Ting 李雯婷

Li Wen Ting职位: 中文老师
毕业院校: 河南大学
专业: 汉语言文学
简介: 曾任教于洛阳市二十三中学,在十年的教师生涯中,多次获得优秀班主任和德育楷模的称号,撰写的论文获得洛阳市一等奖和河南省二等奖。出国后,本着对教育事业的热爱,不忘初心,继续工作在教育行业。在加拿大和美国的多家幼儿园、华夏中文学校和英华双语全日制中文学校执教十几年,对《马立平中文》《暨南中文》的教学有着丰富的经验。还针对海外学生的学习特点,在教学中采用沉浸式教学(Immersion Teaching)和主题教学相结合的模式, 使学生对汉语的听、说、读、写有较为牢固的掌握。同时,为提高自我的教学与管理水平,利用业务时间,参加了“亲密之旅”的心理学辅导培训,获得带领组长资格,多年在“亲密之旅”的课堂上授课并陪伴参与者一起走过心理路程。我衷心期望学生们能在一个充满爱与理解的环境中度过他们的童年学习生活。

Yang Grise 汪 洋

Yang GrisePosition: Chinese Teacher
Educational Background: Fujian Teacher's University
Degree: B.S. in Physical Education
About: I have a final rating of Superior for the Oral Proficiency Interview from Language Testing International, LTI. I also have a final rating of Advanced High for the ACTFL Writing Proficiency Test from LTI.
- 2015—2021 Chinese Header Teacher at Jump Immersion School in NJ (Grades: Pre-K 4, K, and 1st Grade)
- 2011—2015 Chinese Teacher –Hudson Way Immersion School in NJ (Grades: Pre-K 3 and 4)
- 2007—2010 Chinese Teacher - Cape Henlopen School District, Lewes, DE in U.S. (Grades K-5)

Zhao Yi 赵 谊

Zhao Yi职位: 中文老师
毕业院校: 上海同济大学
专业: 文化事业管理
简介: 我持有华文教师证书、CDA幼教证书和HSK考试管理认证主监考。在华夏中文学校任教多年,并多次获得优秀教师称号。对各类中文教材的教学均有深入了解,尤其在《马立平中文》和《标准中文》教学中拥有丰富的经验。我对工作认真负责,每次精心准备的课程教案都深受孩子们的喜欢,家长们对我的反馈是非常细心、耐心,有责任心的老师。我擅长使用乐教善教,生动活泼的教学方法,激发孩子们对学习中文的兴趣,让孩子们在轻松愉悦的学习过程中茁壮成长。

Alissa Pereira

Alissa PereiraPosition: Infant/Toddler Teacher
About: My name is Alissa “Allie” Pereira. I was born in Jersey City and moved with my family at the age of 10 to South Plainfield, which is where I still live and am raising my daughter. After graduating high school I attended Union County College and The Muhlenberg School of Nursing. I became a stay at home mom and cared for my daughter after she was born, but went back to work in the field of education in 2014. My education experience started at Little Treasures Learning Center where I was a teacher’s assistant. I quickly learned that I loved working with children and decided to obtain my CDA in Early Education. After receiving my CDA in 2019, I was promoted to a Lead Infant/Toddler Teacher which is the age group I have been working with ever since! When I am not teaching I enjoy being outside, hiking and spending time with my daughter.