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Day School

Below is the most up-to-date information for 2022-2023. To register, please download and complete this form and email it to info@noec.org. (我要报名)Also, please register an account with our ProCare service.

Our Mission

At SGA, we provide a safe, developmentally inclusive environment for preschool and school-age children. Our focus is to provide a fun and stimulating early learning and child care experience which promotes each child’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.

Our Teaching Goals

It has been proven that learning two or more languages can enhance the intellectual development of the human brain, strengthen the establishment of logical thinking, and improve self-confidence. Our goal is to establish a program where children are able to learn a second language (Chinese and English). The ratio of Chinese and English parts will be personalized depending on different family language backgrounds. Our language classes also teach the children to express their ideas through language, mathematics, music, sports, art, social sciences, scientific activities, computer activities, and handcrafting activities. We are dedicated to lead them to express and communicate confidently.

Our Facility

Our facility is compliant with NJ State safety regulations to ensure a fun and secure environment for your children. Our new state-of-the-art school building includes: engaging Pre-school classrooms, piano and music rooms, dance studio, art rooms, and indoor and outdoor playgrounds.

Curriculum Design

Our core curriculum help students develop the skills that are most important in their future education, these classes include: Chinese, English Literacy, Math, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education, and Art & Music. We also offer enrichment classes 4 times a week beginning in the Pre-Kindergarten program. These classes include: musical instrument (piano or guitar), dance or martial arts, P.E. and visual arts or crafts.

Our Day School Program

  • Infant (0 – 18 months old)
  • Toddler (1.5 – 2.5 years old)
  • Preschool (2.5 – 4 years old)
  • Pre-Kindergarten (4 – 5 years old)
  • Kindergarten – 1st Grade (5 – 6 years old)

Lunch and Snacks

  • SGA offers paid lunch for an additional $5/day, the detailed monthly lunch menu will be posted before the school starts. Students may also bring packed lunches from home.
  • Please bring your own snacks for morning and afternoon. The snacks can be cereal, fruits, crackers, yogurt, etc. SGA will also provide crackers and water for those students who forget to bring their own snacks.

Forms Required Before First Day of Attendance

  1. Registration Form
  2. Universal Health Form and vaccine records (valid within 1 year)
  3. Flu shot yearly record or waiver form
  4. Parent Information Package (please read and sign the receipt of information)
    Please submit all above forms to Springfield Genius Academy before attending the first day of school. Otherwise, your child is not allowed to attend.

Items Needed to Be Brought to School

(Please label all personal belongings with your child’s name)

  • Sleeping bag or sleeping sheet and blanket for napping (students who are under 6 years old and need naps)
  • Diapers and wipes (if needed)
  • Extra 1 or 2 sets of clothes (including underwear, shirt, pants, and socks)
  • A pair of clean indoor sneakers
  • Packed lunch (if you don’t order school lunch)
  • 2 servings of snacks (for morning and afternoon)
  • 1 reusable water bottle
  • A box of tissue
  • 10 pencils
  • 1 eraser
  • 2 folders with pockets
  • 1 backpack
  • Sunscreen (used from May to October)
  • 10 or more masks (in a Zip-Loc bag labeled with child's name)

School Calendar

There are 190 days in the day school calendar year 2022-2023. Please see the detailed SGA day school calendar here.

  1. SGA follows Millburn Public Schools’ calendar for Winter break (12/24-1/2) and Spring break (4/3-4/7).
  2. SGA offers holiday care during the Spring break (4/3-4/7) for additional cost.

See Full Tuition Details Here >>








语言、数学、科学、社会学、音乐、美术、体育、手工、日常生活; Pre-K 班到一年级的学生更有一周4门免费烘焙、舞蹈或体操、绘画、机器人或钢琴课等。




婴儿班、小班、中班、大班 、学前班和一年级。


每周一至周五 8:30am-3:15pm,设收费的Before Care 7:30am-8:30amAfter Care 3:15pm-6:30pm。详细日程安排另见附件一。


  1. 家长们自备点心,一日两次。比如麦片、水果、饼干、酸奶等。如果家长忘记给孩子带点心,学校也会提供饼干和水。
  2. 学校提供收费午餐,每天 5 元,详细的每月午餐菜单将于开学前公布。



  1. 幼儿园报名注册登记表
  2. 一年内有效的健康表及打针记录
  3. Flu shot的年记录或家长同意Waiver
  4. 家长信息包阅读并签名
  5. 影像授权
  6. 以上所有表格必须于学生入学前全部交给东方教育, 否则不予入学。


  • 运动鞋 1
  • 书包或书袋 1
  • 水杯 1
  • 蜡笔(24色)1
  • 文件夹 2
  • 固体胶 1
  • 彩色铅笔(12-24色)1
  • 餐巾纸/面纸巾 3
  • 剪刀 1
  • 替换的上衣、内裤、长裤、袜子 1
  • 需要午睡的学生还要准备:被子或毯子,床单
  • 10个以上的儿童口罩 (放在一个保鲜袋中)




  1. 除了每年的法定假日以外 ,学校将按照Millburn公立学校的校历于圣诞新年期间(12/24-1/2)和春假期间(4/3-4/7)关闭,详情请参考本年幼儿园年历。
  2. 春假期间(4/3-4/7)学校将提供收费的假日看护。

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